Department of Geography

Attendance of Students

Notice regarding shortage of Attendace


All those students who are running shortage of attendance, are advised to submit their 
applications for condonation of shortage of lectures alongwith supporting documents in 
the office of the department by 04.05.2018 before 1.00 P.M. positively. Thereafter, no 
application in this regard shall be entertained. The meeting of Board of Control for 
condonation of lecture shortage will be held on 04.05.2018 at 2:30 p.m in the office of 
the Chairperson. 

Physical presence of the students whose case will be considered for condonation of 
shortage is mandatory. All concerned may please note and do the needful accordingly. 

(Dr. Simrit Kahlon) 

  Dated: 24/04/2018
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2. 20/06/2022M.A. Geoinformatics Sem II Compiled
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4. 20/06/2022M.A. Disaster Management Sem II Compiled
5. 20/06/2022M.A. Geography Sem IV Compiled
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11. 22/10/2019Attendance of 1st and 3rd Semester 2019-20 upto September 2019
12. 10/05/2019Attendance of 2nd and 4th Semester 2018-19 upto April 2019
13. 15/04/20192nd and 4th Semester 2018-19 upto March 2019
14. 15/03/20192nd and 4th Semester 2018-19 upto February 2019
15. 15/02/2019Attendance of 2nd and 4th Semester 2018-19 upto January 2019
16. 29/11/2018Final Attendance July to December of M.A. Geography, RS &GIS & DM
17. 15/11/2018Attendance of M.A. Geog, R.S. & G.I.S. and D.Mgt. up to October 2018
18. 15/10/2018Attendance of M.A. Geog, R.S. & G.I.S. and D.Mgt. up to September 2018
19. 14/09/2018Attendance rules Handbook of Information
20. 14/09/2018Attendance of M.A. Geog, R.S. & G.I.S. and D.Mgt. up to August 2018
21. 02/05/2018Final Attendance of M.A. Geog, R.S. & G.I.S. and D.Mgt. up to April 2018
22. 14/09/2017Attendance rule
23. 12/09/2016Rules and the Process of handling shortage of attendance

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